Friday, September 12, 2008

My Talented Kids

Noah won a coloring contest at Trader Joes. He was so excited to win. The store gave him a speed racer lunch pail and sour jelly beans and he stood in the front of the store and they announced his name over the P.A. and everyone applauded. I was such a proud parent. Leah's reaction of course was "It's not fair." I guess you can't win them all.


Autumn said...

Great Job! Love your Welcome Boxes too! What grade are your kids in this year? Oh to answer your question, my free time is for surfing! Luckily my hubby has those mornings off so we surf together or play tennis if surf is crappy! We need to get together soon, I haven't even met your baby yet! Are you done or going for 4?

Kat Clark said...

It'll never be fair, poor Leah. They both did a wonderful job in my expert coloring contest opinion!

the batts said...

nice job noah. I used to win the hello kitty coloring contests and loved getting the grab bag of random stuff for the prize.