Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thank You!

For teacher appreciation day the kids and I decided to make jars full of candy and then write one of those cheesy sayings to go along with it. They were so excited to go to school and give them to their fabulous teachers. Noticed that Noah made me change the "Love," to "From,". Crazy kid.

I'm Back

I have recommitted myself to the blogging world. It has been one of those things (like alot in my life) that I swear I am going to do later and later now has become 5months. So lets start with the present.
One of my favorite things to do is to throw a baby shower. I love the fact that I am not the one pregnant and that a new little one will be arriving soon. My other favorite things are birds. I have been having so much fun making them and these little ones are so easy and fun to make (here is the pattern). I decided to combine the two for my friend Mindy. Wonderful food and good friends always make for a great time.