Thursday, November 5, 2009


My little on is three and it is time. The thing we all hate doing as mothers. The task that is not fun and wish the kids would just figure it out themselves. Because really how many adults do we know that can't do this.
Yes it is potty training!

I have been home bound for three days and I have to say I am happy to be finishing new projects. I made a new design for a baby blanket and I new purse for myself.

Happy to be getting things done and to have no more diapers, but hate the process


Halloween has become one of my favorite holidays. It is fun to come up with costumes with the older kids and forcing the younger one to wear one. Noah wanted to be a mad scientist. We came up with the 50 inspired lab jacket. I just used a p.j pattern shirt made it a little wider added some button, Velcro, rubber gloves, and of course eyeballs in his pocket. Leah was a lady bug. Her skirt was a no sew tie tutu of red and black. Wings that she helped me make. Black leotard, leggings, gray and black socks with black boots. Now Ezra I figured it was the last year I could make him be something. So he was the Travelocity Gnome. Red felt hat with a white fringe beard, blue shirt, black felt belt, and brown pants completed the gnome look. He didn't think that was enough so I made him a cape to make him a super gnome. I also made a hat for Jeff to wear, so Ezra would think it was cool. Thanks Honey for being such a good sport.