Monday, October 11, 2010

I Scream for Ice Cream

Leah turned eight and with our recent move to Hawaii, I wanted to make her birthday as special as possible. We decided to do an ice cream(her favorite food)/swim party(because we finally have one in our backyard). The decorations were the funnest part for me. I made pom pom flowers out of tissue paper and coffee filters. I also used the coffee filters to make an ice cream sundae with a red pom pom and brown pipe cleaner for a cherry. I had my parents send me about 20 IN-N-OUT hats. I covered them with scrapbook paper that I found to look like an ice cream parlor hats. They turned out really cute and the girls all wore them.

All of the girls were invited from her class and we started the party with pool games. With a bunch of screaming eight and nine year old girls in the pool it was very disorganized so I figured the girls rather just swim and play.
We served some ice cream and the girls got to embellish there ice cream with yummy goodies. We ended the party with a water balloon toss, which ended up in a fight and then opening up presents. After our guest left Leah's auntie and uncle came to diner with us to CPK. It was a great day for my little girl.