Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why I Sew

On my day away from the kids I stopped by Joanna's fabric. I never get to sit down and look through the patterns and to my happy surprise they were 99 cents. I found this great pattern for a top, bought some fabric and went home to make something for my daughter. I added some of the fun vintage fabric and with a total of $3.00 Leah had a new dress and headband for church. Now for the reason why I sew. After I finished her dress she came to me with a little note thanking me. That makes all the hours I spend sewing so worth it.


The Roberts said...

I love the dress! So dang cute and feminine. The thank you card is adorable. Best Mother daughter team!

the batts said...

so cute! i was going to tell you how adorable she looked in it!

Kat Clark said...

That dress is so cute! I really got all teared up when I read that note. She is so sweet and sensitive! Seeing how Leah loves you so much makes me so excited for how Violet and I will be. Girls really are so fun! Awww.