Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue and Gold 2009

I had a proud mom moment, when my son gave a talk to about 300 people at the blue and gold banquet. His Papa gave him a metal he received while serving in the air force and Noah talk about it. I think, actually I know I was more nervous then he was. He was so calm and did such a wonderful job.
The theme for the evening was "America." I had to decorate our tables for our pack(732) and make a cake. What a fun evening!


Kat Clark said...

Yay Noah! Can somebody say future president?!

AMIT said...

Yeah good post.

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bigislandrat said...

Noah's Grandma and Papa were pretty proud of him too. Noah did a fantastic job - thanks for inviting us.

Autumn said...

Good job on the decor, cake and everything!
Mom of the Year!
I wish I was crafty and enjoyed doing it, I stress out way too much!
How are you?

susanta said...
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susanta said...

noah has done a great job.