Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dresses for Tennessee

Because I'm crazy and I always have to finish one more project before we go anywhere I decided to make dresses for Leah. I had one day we left for our yearly holiday to the good ole south. One of them turned out a little Laura Ingalls, but cute. The other one I thought, turned out really cute. The Little House on the Prairie dress is made out of vintage fabric from my step dad and the other one is made from the new Amy Butler collection and vintage fabric from my brother in law's grandmother. How cool is that telephone booth. It is in my in laws front yard. I think it is from England.


Autumn said...

Love that you can click on 1 picture and see all your photos! How do you do that? You and Heather and all the kids should come do a beach day next week in HB! Jillonnie comes every Thursday!!

Kat Clark said...

As always...super cute. :)