Friday, June 6, 2008

Always fun gifts to make people to see

It has been so long since I have post any pictures of what I have been up to. What a crazy month. Do you ever look back at your month and think I was so busy, but what the crap did I do. Well May was a lot like that for me. I had to look back at my calendar and see what was up. Let's see my Fridge broke ( thank goodness for the spare we have in the garage), birthdays and parties, Liz and Cam visited (Jeff's sister), scouts, one week of the flu in my house, baby showers, and then all the regular things a mom does. So here are some pictures.


Karalea Richards said...

Yea my birthday presents made it onto your blog! Yippee. I LOVE them, thank you again for the bird PELLOW, camera case and knitting organizer. I promise I will take it off the shelf and use it! Love blog updates!

Kat Clark said...

I love that bird pillow! What is it with me and birds lately? Anyway, I also love seeing all of those cousins together. I can't wait till Jack is old enough to tag along! :)