Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Hotels, good friends, and a little alone time covers how our spring break went. The kids and I drove up to Mindy's on Wednesday for our play dates. Noah plays with Ian, Leah plays with Finn (by the way Leah says that they are just friends, but they like to hold hands and he is one of her boyfriends) and Jane and Ezra just roam and play where they can. When we arrived we ate lunch and then in the car to Carl's Jr. for some ooohh so good chocolate chip cookies. We actually shared this time. We meet Katie and her kids at he park. I love the park the kids are happy and we moms can sit and talk. We loaded all the kids back into the car and went to go pick up some dinner and other little treats and back to the house for a haircut and fun conversation while the kids played and watched movies. Thanks Mindy. Thursday, we packed up the car again to go with Jeff on his business trip to lovely Lancaster, California. The kids had fun going to a hotel and swimming in the pool

I had fun trying to play catch up to my book club. I'm getting there ladies. On our way home Friday we stopped at a airplane museum at Edwards airforce base and walked around.

Noah came home and made a really cool Lego airplane. He amazes me with his ability to create things out of Lego's. Saturday was Jeff's trip to the donut shop with the kids and my trip to the grocery store to stock up the Fridge. We then packed up the car for the beach. It was such a beautiful warm day. Then back home for baths lunch and naps. Then packed up one last time. Drove to my parents dropped off the kids and Jeff and I speed off for some alone time. He got us nice room at the Hyatt.

We went to dinner and then some Pinkberry YUM and then to Phil's for some Kava.
Then it as off to see Katchafire. Jeff and I decided we are getting to old for concerts. I knew it when I saw a girl dancing with two guys and thinking does your mother know you are acting like that. Woke up the next morning in a dark hotel room to look at the clock and see I don't think I have slept in like that for a long time. We ate some breakfast and then picked up the kids.
We cam home and played in the backyard.
I can't wait for summer break.


Karalea Richards said...

So nice to see pics and read words and all that good stuff. Keep up the good work and the great pics of life! Cheers friend.

Susan said...

LOVE the bubble beards!!! Good job on the blogging, Jenn! I am impressed!

Kat Clark said...

This is the best post ever because I know how much you needed a great week like this! Is it especially great that you and Jeff were able to get away! And in the end I feel happy that I was able to surprise you and put the cherry on top! I miss you guys and can't wait to be only a five hour trip away! :)